What we do is what we are!

Services are an important part of the portfolio against which you can set your expectations. One of our strengths is transparency hence we like to provide you only what is possible. Our services are multiple but our goal is just one: to provide the best to you in your time, at the most economical price.

What separates us from the crowd is our business and customer driven approach. Our reputation is built on creating successful templates for clients and on their return on investment. If you are looking at a simple yet innovative, serious yet lively, mysterious yet loud web design template, then we are here to take you there.


Some of the services offered by us are:

PHPBB Templates:

We offer readymade and customized phpbb community forum templates that can change the way people are used to seeing forums. Our templates are strong, provocative yet subtle and can carry your brand image forward without much pomp or show. Each template is created from an idea that goes through hours of brainstorming. Each idea is conceptualized keeping in mind the new trends in the market. Each idea is given a shape and taken into the next level.

We use a dangerous combination of sparks of innovation and technology to make our templates serve its purpose. Every phpbb template is different and distinct from the other.

Our template will add a new meaning to community forums.

PHPBB Styles:

What is a template without a little style! It is like wearing a formal dress for a party but not having the bow tie to make it complete. Our phpbb styles are exotic, different and come with an attitude.

Each style is a whole statement. Be prepared to own one or be left out!

We offer different message board or forum styles with:

  • Dynamic Themes
  • Loud or subtle colors
  • Simple designs
  • Hi-tech or techno-savvy designs
  • Innovative graphics
  • Hundreds of Emoticons
  • Lifelike Avatars

All this and much more…

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