swirlWhat is a website community page without a theme?

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PHPBB is the new coding software for designing community websites and we at forum themes are offering you some of the most innovative template themes.

Why a PHPBB forum?

If you have a music website, a design website or a friendship website then you can install a phpbb forum to increase the viewership of your website. This is the age when most people seem to be either writing a blog (visit the Blog Starter for info on that), or reveling their thoughts in a forum. A forum is the best way of bringing people together, people of various backgrounds, nationalities and strengths.

A forum is like a message board where you can put your thoughts or work and people will leave their impressions about what they feel or think. A forum is a way of life, an expression, and full of attitude. A forum can help connect two people. There instances where people have actually got projects to work on through forums. A phpbb forum can also be a place for people to find solutions to their problems regarding any particular software, designing elements, tutorials etc.

That’s the power of a PhpBB forum!


phpBB is growing in popularity for it’s easy to use interface and simple applications. Basically, it is an open source forum system that operates on the PHP programming language. PHPBB is the abbreviation for PHP Bulletin Board.

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The salient points of our phpbb templates:

  • You can customize the templates according to your requirement.
  • These templates are compatible with different database systems like MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.
  • You can scale our phpbb templates over multiple servers.
  • It offers maximum security
  • You can install it using a FTP client

Installing our phpbb template

  • Download the xyztemplate.zip file from our website
  • Unzip and then upload the 'xyz' folder to your phpBB forum template folder
  • Login as the administrator
  • Go into Styles Administration and Add
  • Now you will see the our xyz template
  • Just click Install
  • Easy as a cake!

When you see our phpbb template, you see quality.

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